Her tweets after a metro ride will give you goosebumps!

The biggest question in India is Women’s safety. Be it a young girl or middle aged women, no one is safe. Each day we hear news about crime against women. What has happened to the people of this world?

Every time I read such an incident many questions arise in my mind, is it a crime to be a girl? What does the word safety mean for women? Only house is a place where we are safe or not even that? Safety is a major concern for ladies whether its the crowded metro or secluded road?

A Twitter user Megha, shares her horrible experience while taking a metro ride in Delhi.  Find out how safe is Delhi metro

This is how she started telling

The abnormal thing that happened

 And then…

The fear

Reaction is Important

The “Drama enjoying” society



The expert suggestions

Safety is just a word

Anger is the key

Was it midnight? Was she not wearing short clothes? Then what was the reason for this misbehavior? Should we stop traveling alone?

It is only us who have to guards ourselves. Stay alerted and stay safe.