Shreshtha Thakur: Singham Girl of Bahraich

Shreshtha Thakur the Circle Officer of Syana in Bulandshahr district has been shifted to Bahraich as the Deputy Superintendent of Police. She is said to be shifted for taking action against BJP’s local leader Pramod Lodhi who was riding his bike without helmet and other officials who were preventing police from doing their work. He was later sent to jail and was charged penalty. A video showing Shreshtha taking actions against the BJP leader for not having proper documents and not wearing helmet while riding went viral along with a video of her courageously facing anti-police slogans in district court compound where Pramod was to be presented before court. As soon as the news of her transfer broke on twitter people started praising her dedication towards her duty and she is already a hero and “Singham Girl” of Bahraich.

People think that her work would lessen crime against women and she would ensure safety, for which many stood up in her support. Transfer of officials is not new in politics as they are transferred if they go against these so called higher authorities. A page in her support has been followed by 2000 people till now where people are appreciating her courage.

On the other hand BJP leaders say that he was arrested on wrong allegations and that the police misbehaved with him and the workers. They claim that Pramod was slapped many times before being put behind the bars and was also arrested as he refused to pay bribe. They said that the FIR logged against them was all rubbish as they did not misbehave on the contrary the police misbehaved with them. Whereas Shreshtha denied all these allegations.