Surprising benefits of essential oil


Aromatherapy book by Dr Blossom Kocchar
Aromatherapy book by Dr Blossom Kocchar

Today abundant variety of essential oils are available in the market but do you really know what essential oils are? They are the botanical extracts from various plant materials such as flowers, herbs, leaves etc. Each contains its own mix of active ingredients which determines its purpose. Since Team AAW attended an amazing session with India’s renowned aromatherapist Dr Blossom Kochhar so we very well know about the uses of some of the most commonly available essential oils

Basil: This is excellent for colds and coughs but can be used to cure insomnia, ease stress, shrink warts, stimulate digestive track and to regulate menstrual cycle.

Camphor: It is also good to cure acne and eczema and to heal cuts, sores and external wounds.It helps prevent hair fall too.
Cinnamon: I am sure many of us love cinnamon flavour in our chewing gums and coffee. But do you know that its essential oil is a strong antiseptic , mild aphrodisiac, speeds contraction in child labour and cures influenza.

Lavender: We all love lavender candles and soaps because of its fragrance. But besides amazing fragrance it also regulates the nervous system and high blood pressure, eases aches and palpitation and heals burns, insect bites and controls hair fall.

Lemon: Lemon is the only essential oil when even taken in access doesn’t have any side effects. It aids in slimming. cures gum diseases , arrests diarrhea, eases ulcers, lowers blood pressure, purifies the liver , wards off anemia and beneficial for sore throat too.

Peppermint : It can be used to cure migraine, eczema, acne, bruises, over heated skin and dermatitis. Besides this it cleanses the blood and helps relieve asthma.

Things to keep in mind
Always buy essential oil from authentic shops.
Never use oils, near your eyes, ears and mouth.
Never use them directly. Dilute them with water or any other oil.
Do not use more than prescribed dosage.
They must be stored properly.