Kiki challenge is breaking the internet!

Check out why people are taking Kiki challenge

If you are active on social media then you must be aware of Drakes “Kiki” challenge or #InMyfeelingchallenge that is going viral over the internet these days. Canadian rapper Drake’s new song “In My Feelings” from the album Scorpion is breaking the record worldwide and it has now given rise to “Kiki Challenge”.

In the challenge, the person has to get out of a moving car, dance to Drake’s song while being in sync with the car’s motion and then jump into the car again.

The challenge started when comedian and online star Shiggy posted a funny video in which he danced to the song in his own way on a busy road. The video starts off with the line: “Keke, do you love me?

Soon after this, the internet was flooded with people taking up the challenge, with some of them referring to it as Kiki.

Some Bollywood stars also took up the challenge:

Nora and Varun Sharma took up the challenge, and posted a video, check it out:

Sizzling beauties of TV industry also posted a video doing the challenge:

While people are taking up this challenge and their video are going viral, there are some videos showing how the challenge went terribly wrong.

So much that Mumbai police issued a warning as well:

There is no doubt that this challenge is risky and can land you in hospital or jail.

Watch some video here:

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