Twitterati roasts Sabyasachi for shaming Indian women

Sabyasachi tries to shame Indian women & here’s why he shouldn’t


A saree is a six yard wonder of grace, agreed! We all like to wear it occasionally and honestly we are the biggest fans of the designers work. But when he took to an international platform and ridiculed Indian women for not wearing a saree enough we are dissed! “I think, if you tell me that you do not know how to wear a saree, I would say shame on you,” Sabyasachi said at the Harvard India Conference recently.

A saree takes a lot of time to be draped correctly and to carry it throughout the day is a task. Well the Bollywood divas can do it because it is their JOB. Remember when sarees started phasing out? Well in the late eighties most women ditched this wonder garment for more practical wear like salwar-kameez and jeans. No Sabya we are not aping the west it is about being comfortable in what we like. Over the years, patriarchal norms have tried to oppress women through dressing be it a palla on the head to the recent khaps not allowing women to wear jeans. And when someone with an educated and culture-rich background like Sabyasachi makes such a statement it is provoking.

The internet too couldn’t get enough of this and it started trending on Twitter: