How many times have you watched DDLJ? Let’s find out

How Many times have you watched DDLJ? Let’s find out

If there is one Bollywood movie that is perfect with unforgettable dialogs, perfect scenes, comic lines, soothing romance, and SRK-Kajol duo, it's got to be DDLJ. It is surely Bollywood’s favorite love story. as the film celebrates 25 years of its release, are you sure you watched it enough times? Take a quiz to find out.


Simran and Raj miss the train that goes to which European city?

1. Zurich
2. Prague
3. Rome
4. Paris

What does Amrish Puri call his wife

1. Rajjo
2. Lajjoo
3. Kamoo
4. Lakho

What is the name of Karan Johar’s character in the film?

1. Rocky
2. Ronny
3. Rohan
4. Paunchy

What is the correct order of this father-son chant Raj and his dad share?

1. O koki, O lola, O lala, O cutie
2. O potchi, O b0ba, O koki, O lola
3. O potchi, O baba, O koka, O lola

What is Simran’s younger sister’s name

1. Chutki
2. Piya
3. Riya
4. Rajeshwari

How does Simran’s father find out she loves Raj?

1. Raj confesses
2. He sees a photo of them from the Europe trip
3. Simran’s sister tells him
4. Rajjo told him

Who was Raj’s inspiration for Senorita?

1. His mother
2. His teacher
3. His first ex-girlfriend
4. His last ex-girlfriend

What is this character’s name in the film?

1. Kammo
2. Pammi
3. Pretti
4. Geeta

Which song plays when these two meet?

1. Ankhein khuli ho ya ho band
2. Baahron phool barsao
3. Tera Naam Liya

What drink did Raj offer Simran in the barn?

1. Old Monk
2. Black label
3. Cognac

When was the film released?

1. 20 October 1997
2. 20 October 1995

All 11 questions completed!

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How Many times have you watched DDLJ? Let’s find out

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