Types of Insurance You Must Have This Mother’s Day

Insurance /pixabay
Insurance /pixabay

Check out the must have insurance policies

Often, as mothers we put our family’s needs before us. We worry about our children, our husbands, parents, and in-laws and make plans to ensure their health and safety comes first over ours. However, it’s time we all think of our financial security and health first, because families with strong, and independent mothers are happy families for life. And, what better way to start investment planning than this Mother’s Day?

The first step to managing finances is understanding that insurance is not an extra spending, but a means to keep you financially safe during bad times. Also, there are many options available for insurance policies, which covers everything according to your needs.
Read on to know which policies you must pick and get the best financial planning tips if you are a beginner:

Life Insurance/pixbay
Life Insurance/pixbay

1. Life insurance
Life insurance comes to the family’s rescue by serving the financial needs after an untimely death of the sole earner in the family. One thing to check before getting insurance done is whether to purchase term or permanent life insurance. Permanent insurance covers you for lifetime while term life insurance covers you for a certain time period.

2. Health insurance
Health is wealth so don’t hesitate in getting one because these days with a sedentary lifestyle everyone is prone to disease and sudden illness. With a health insurance, you don’t have to worry about the hospital bills.

3. Auto insurance
Car is an asset to be protected, therefore, having it insured is a must not just for safety but as per law. With an auto insurance, you can get refund in case of damage, accident or theft. Apart from this, most automotive insurance policies cover injury and death of another person in an incident you are legally responsible.

4. Property insurance
A house is made of walls but a home is made with love. There is no such place like home as it is a place where you and your loved ones share and make memories. So, investing in a home insurance policy is significant to protect your home from threats, fire, earthquake or destruction of house.

5. Renter’s Insurance
For those living on rent and who do not own a residence, it is a must as it ascertains that the property is covered in the event that something untoward happens, like theft or fire.
Not purchasing the above insurance may help saves a small amount in the present, however, it puts important things at risk in the future. Therefore, ensure you have safeguarded yourself and your loved ones with the right insurance policy.

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