Why school was the best place ever

School life/pexel
School life/pexel

As new school session have started, and watching kids starting their school life made me miss mine, so i ended up looking back at my school photographs and  I  got hit by nostalgia. Not only this but also realized that school days were by far the best I’ve had in my life and that school was the best place ever.

1) Discipline

When I was in school, it was full of rules and regulations and I must admit, I hated it back then! But the truth is as we grow up, we realize that the discipline we had in our school was the best way life has shaped us and molded us to be a better human. Be it fixed timings or uniforms, it always inculcates the spirit of unity and uniformity which often goes missing in college and office lives.

2) Tension free life

Everyone would agree that as kids, the only tensions in life were probably about broken toys and undone homework. But  as we grow up, there’s a lot to handle- relationships, careers ,  money matters and much more.

3) Real friends

It’s true that chaddi- buddies are the best you can get in your lives. Friends that you make in college or during work lives are either just remotely connected to you or come into your lives with a personal or professional motive. School was a great supplier of real friends, isn’t it?

4) Teachers

Is it just me who finds a huge difference in school teachers and college professors? Teachers in school shed sweat and blood to make us understand stuff but the college professors usually just consider and assume us to be grown ups and do not spend much of their time.

5) Less social life

Well, let’s accept it, lesser the people in your life, the easier it gets. School life had rules which also meant deadlines and restrictions on whom to meet and talk to and what to buy/eat or drink. There were rarely any problems of peer pressure except the new erasers or pencils that some friend got to class. There was limited or no social life and that was the best part of it!

Don’t you feel school days were the best too? Let us by commenting below