12 Romantic movies to watch with your significant other

Cold winter evening, season of love and you are not in mood to go for a date.. what to do? Watching back-to-back romantic movies is an awesome idea. Yes, there is no better weather to do this than winters. So before the winter goes away, here’s a list of top 12 movies to watch with your loved one.

  1. If Only

Why – Because it is full of surprises. It tells how extraordinary experiences override luxury. How to pamper the special one we have, because there is one day when our close ones leave us, we are left only with memories. It makes you believe that every second, every minute of our life is absolutely unpredictable. We keep planning as if we are going to live forever and miss the moment we are currently in, which may never come back! This film will provoke you to tell someone how much he/she mean to you TODAY, right now . . .  Because not all of us get such chance.

  1. The Notebook

Why – Because you have to learn that seizing the moment is unbelievably super romantic. The male lead never gave up on his teenage love. He wrote her one letter everyday and built house of their dreams alone, one fine day she came back and in their last days, she forgot him due to a disease. But he chose to be with her, with all the odds. This film will rejuvenate your love as you’ll relate to the lead characters in many ways and finally end up with teary eyes and more love for your life.

  1. Abhimaan

Why – Because this cult classic film of 1973 is highly relevant in the present times. Today where all of us are leading a successful career there is something missing.  . . Most probably ‘time’. This story showcases that how ego ruins everything. The highly successful couple must keep a proper balance between their personal and professional fronts. This musical melodrama shall drive you through the various ups and downs of the relationship.

  1. Up

Why – Because life is adventure with person sitting next to you. . . This 3D animated film has all the innocence which you have. The childhood couple married as both of them love adventure travel. But due to responsibilities they somehow couldn’t make it throughout their life. These responsibilities are adventure. Aren’t they?

  1. Socha Na Tha

Why – This film came and went away unnoticed by many, by me too. But after Jab we met, I searched for the first movie of Imtiaaz Ali and found this. This is not just another romantic cliché, Socha Na tha is a cute plot in which the two lead characters met in an arranged meeting but refused each other with mutual consent, situations made them great friends and they got married after a series of drama. So, you have to be best friends today  . . . and forever.

  1. The Japanese Wife

Why – Most probably many of you haven’t watched it yet. You just have to be a little patient to fall in love with this film. Here Rahul Bose and Chigasu Takaku are pen lovers. They somehow managed inter-continental affair. They got married in letters. The couple exchanges wedding anniversary gifts each year as a symbol of their loyalty to each other. It is interesting to see a love where after 637 letters, 3 phone calls and 17 years of marriage they never met.

  1. Silsila

Why – meri duniya ke har rang mein shamil tu hai, tujhse roshan hai mere khwaab, meri umeed. This cult classic has given new definition to love. No extra melodrama, melodious tracks and romance overflowed. Give this film a shot if you haven’t watched it yet.

  1. Taal

Why – For the magic of Rahman, Taal is an absolute romantic musical with a great storyline. It has all the elements of love such as happiness, pain, fun, relatives and all that. It’s been 17 years since it release but still it can melt hearts.

  1. 50 first dates

Why – How do you feel when your man will daily find new ways to win your heart? Cute, isn’t it? It is a light romantic comedy where you can also find 50 ways to impress your significant other. This is the perfect date movie.

  1. Hum Tum

Why – Because opposites attracts and excavates the best out of life. And because sometimes love doesn’t happen at first sight, it grows with time; same happened with the characters of this film. So, never say never. We can somehow relate few things with us. The romantic song ‘Paas aa jaaye . . . hum . . . hum tum’ may light the fire (again) between you two.

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