B-Town celebs lash out at Twinkle Sharma’s murder

Bollywood celebrities’ reaction on Twinkle Sharma’s heart wrenching case:

Even today when someone talks about Damini’s rape case we get goose bumps; it was one of the most disgusting cases which stunned the entire nation.  After such a psychic criminal activity no one thought that again something like this will ever happen but it did and, not once or twice but thrice.

Earlier the Kathua rape case and now a 2 year old girl’s body has been found in Aligarh. A girl named Twinkle Sharma got missing from 30th May and on June 2 she was found dead in a garbage dump. She was murdered brutally and was hard to recognize as all her body parts were broker and eyes were popped out. The victim was also been eaten by dogs and insects after death.

The reason behind this brutal act was just Rs.10, 000, to take revenge from the little girl’s grandfather two persons Zahid and Aslam did this, they have also confessed to the crime and are arrested. They were their neighbors and had warned Twinkle’s family that they will show them what they can do, but who would have thought that they would take their little daughter’s life.

Humanity has again shown its worst and degraded level; along with the common people celebrities too are angry and asking for justice for the innocent girl.

Check out the celebrities reactions here:

Everyone on the social media is sharing #justicefortwinklesharma to make sure that everyone gets aware and raise their voice against this cruelty. People are demanding hang till death for the criminals behind this. The Aligarh Police said that they will probe the murder under the National Security Act (NSA) and transfer the case to a fast track court.