Padmavati’s trailer is breathtakingly awesome!

Trailer of movie “Padmavati” had our hearts :

Trailer of the most anticipated movie of the year “Padmavati” has been released and we are going crazy over it! After watching the three-minute trailer we except the movie to be a visual wonder. The trio is amazing and the trailer depicts larger than life story of Rani Padmavati. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is known for the grandeur of his movies and he has done it once again. The cast of the movie is the main reason we are drooling over it. Deepika Padukone looks truly beautiful, her entry is similar to a queen. Shahid in Rajput Raja Maharawal Ratan Singh role looks calm and his dialogue delivery is outstanding. Then enters Ranveer Singh as ruthless Alluhidin Khilji, he made our heart beat fast. He looks so hot and we absolutely loved his look , the soorma in his eyes changed a good boy into a bad one. The actor has created a whole new negative world through his acting.

The trailer doesn’t have much dialogue but they were awesome !
The movie is releasing on 1st December and we eagerly wait for it.

 Image courtesy: Youtube