Types of aunties you will always find

Types of aunties that are too annoying

‘To aunty police bula legi. Ib aunty ne jaa ke keh do. Ye party yun hi chaalegi.’Aunties are an integral part of our life as life would be too boring without them. They ask questions for unnecessary reasons, bitch to our parents with all negative things to say and have the habit of staring if you wear something trendy.They are always interested in others life than their own and become more concerned at the time of results. Their actions annoy us but still we always want them around us. AAW brings the types of aunties we always come across in our locality, society or weddings. 

Aunty, you will always find

Bitchy aunty

They are the ones who are always ready to bitch about every possible thing they get. Talking about someone’s personal life, their way of carrying themselves, the way of talking, their work, their children, the way of living and till infinity. In short they just have to bitch about everything! Their bitching lands others in a problem as they create rumors about something that never happened.

Curious Aunty

They are the curious ones who wants to know every thing. They are excited to know what is going in others life rather than concentrating on their own. At the time of results, they are all more interested in knowing the neighbor’s kid result rather than their own kid. They have the habit of poking their nose in every next thing whether it’s of their interest or not and are ready to give their precious advice/ opnion everywhere.

Always Questioning Aunty

They always have lots of questions to ask, from personal to professional and from home to studies, she wants to know all. Are you going out? , Where are you going? , From where did you buy this dress? , How are your studies going? What are you thinking to do after college? Etc. are the most common questions they ask.


Detective aunty

She is the one who has all the updates from around the corner. She keeps an eye on the daily life of neighbors and works as a detective agent who broadcasts the latest and un-disclosed thing about them to others.  

Staring aunty

They love to stare and will scan you from head to toe.  They will stare from their windows, peep from the corners and even give you weird looks. They make you conscious about your looks .

Kid Praiser

A typical Indian mother who believes that her kids are the best as they are a perfect match of beauty, brain and sanskars. They will keep on praising about them and compare others with them.


Too cool

There are few who try to be friendly with youngsters  just to show how cool they are. They will ask you about the latest trends , social media and other such things.