Things all tea lovers can relate to

Tea lover/pexel
Tea lover/pexel

“Everything becomes better with a cup of tea”, the veracity of this statement is absolute. Be it a masala chai or a garam- garam adrak waali chai, you can never get enough of the most amazing drink of all times. Tea is probably one of the best and the favourite drink that most of us enjoy. A cup of tea definitely makes our day better which is why it has become the ultimate love of many of us.  If you are tea addict just like me, you will definitely relate to the following:


  • You are ever ready for tea!

“Do you want to have some tea?” this question does not require a response because its always, a yes!. You are always ready to have some chai as anytime can be a tea time.

Morning tea/pexel
Morning tea/pexel


  • Your day starts with a cup of tea


You always start your day with a cup tea. Your mornings are incomplete without chai. All you can think about as soon as you wake up is some bed tea.


  • Chai + biscuit = possibly the best thing


Nothing feels like heaven than have a chai with your favourite biscuits. The bite of the biscuit dipped in your tea is something you crave and can have all the time.


  • You judge people for not having tea


“Tu chai nahi peeta? how?” is literally your reaction when you discover someone who does not drink tea. You feel bad for them as they are missing out on something that is extremely amazing.


  • 1 cup is never enough!


You might act crazy if you just have a single cup of tea. You crave for chai all through the day and your day can never be good enough without just one cup. Chai is an essential part of the day .

Tea /pixabay
Tea /pixabay


  • First sip, the best sip!


The garam garam first sip of your chai is indeed something so delightful that you cannot describe in words. That slur of the first sip is all you want to enjoy every day!


  • Elates your mood


Had a bad day? Had a hectic day? Had a fight with your boss or friends? All you do is resort to tea and calm your mind. Nothing brings you to peace other than chai! Tea is definitely something that relaxes us mentally.


You must be longing for some chai now! Go and enjoy your tea and thank the good lord for blessing us with most wonderful and best beverage ever.