Things you will relate to if your best friend loves food

If your best friend is a foodie you will surely never miss new places to eat she knows it all. From the place where a particular cuisine is served best to the place that is a big no, she keeps you updated with everything related to food. Today we tell you about the things you can relate to if your partner in crime is a foodie.

She is always hungry!

Food lover friend

No matter what all she ate and whichever state of mind she is in, she is always hungry and ready for food.

Never eating alone

You don’t have to worry about eating alone in the restaurant because you don’t have to as you  always have a partner to eat, at the best or the worst places.

She wants to try a new place every time

If some restaurant is famous for its cuisine and you have not visited the place up till now, it is your bestie who makes sure you pay a visit ASAP!

She wants to order all that is on the menu

She wants to try everything in the menu so you end up ordering multiple things.

She is a food’s dictionary

Food lover friend

Whether someone wants to know about a new place or a restaurant that serves the best thing they are craving for,she is the dictionary to refer to. She is trusted the most when taking advice on food!

She wants to eat everything with avoiding gaining weight

Though she loves food but she also wants to stay fit so she never misses her gym and tries to balance her meals accordingly.

She has a forever going list of places she wants to eat

As your bestie has a big list of places she wants to eat at, it is you who has to accompany her anyway. Also weekends are not just about drinks and parties, they are all about exploring new restaurants and a lot of calories!