Summer lipstick shades that celebs rocked

Kareen Kapoor's Nude Lipstick
Kareen Kapoor's Nude Lipstick

Check out these 5 lipsticks which Bollywood women rocked and we are trying!


People generally adore Bollywood divas for their makeup, dress, foot wears, and hair. If you follow celebrities to know what is in trends and what to wear, have a look below. AAW brings you some alluring lipstick shades that Bollywood actresses rocked this season and which you can try too. You just need to visit your nearby Loreal, Maybelline of Lakme stores and be the showstopper wherever you go with compliments in your basket.

  • Neutral with Nude

Kareena's makeup perfectionThis color ruled the red carpet this season. From Sonam Kapoor at Cannes to Kareena Kapoor’s forever favourite, they all seem to love this sexy shade. A nude shade gives you the all new trendy look that is in fashion nowadays and has been carried by many of our Btown divas.

  • Coral

Coral is such a lipstick shade that is best for all complexions and it also brings life in the face which is its best part. When using coral lipstick make sure to do your makeup the same way to match up with the alluring shade.

Ruby Woo
Ruby Woo
  • Ruby Woo

This color is both perfect for an outing and for parties. Red is the shade which is being picked up by brides too as it is cool and give them an awesome and bold look at their special days. Try this iconic lipstick shade from M.A.C as it is the best red ever made!

  • Wine
Priyanka Chopra's bold red lipstick
Priyanka Chopra’s wine

Our best-loved dark lipstick would always be non-other than our favourite drink too, Wine. This dark shade goes with every skin tone and gives a charming look. Want to collect compliments, go with wine this evening with minimal makeup.

  • Orange

Our divas rocked this summer season with this alluring lipstick shade. Though it is a little hard to carry, it still suits almost every outfit if carried nicely. It adds both delicate as well as a bold look to the face which is adored everywhere and also goes with every complexion.

  • Pink
A subtle pink

Be it an inauguration or the promotion of films, our divas are seen wearing this shade. From a deep pink to a fost colour we have seen it all. Currently rose pink is one of the most loved lip shades not only by our fashion industry divas but also normal people at their outings are seen wearing it. This color is a my lips but better shade!

Which is your favourite lipcolour you will pick this season?