Astrology: Valentine’s Day love forecast

Astrology: Valentine's Day love forecast
Astrology: Valentine's Day love forecast
Astrology: Valentine's Day love forecast
Astrology: Valentine’s Day love forecast

Whether you’re single or committed and in love here’s how your Valentine’s Day will turn out to be.


Committed: Shake things up a bit this Valentine’s Day to make it a sensual and steamy one. Dating? Your partner wants commitment, but you might not be ready just yet.

Single: All that love, flowers and kisses might make you feel left out, but you’ll be soon in action.


Committed: Close the doors, bring out those scented oils, candles and feathers and get ready for some erotic time. Dating? Look for a cozy place to snuggle and connect with your loved one.

Single: Sensual and romantic Venus will help you get noticed, just go out with your friends and find your love!


Committed: This is your opportunity to light up that passion. Do something unexpected and exciting in bed. Dating? Gve your love your complete attention, for this is what they carve.

Single: You will have a happy time as you will get multiple hot dating options!


Committed: A good marriage is your heart’s home sp plan a special night for the two of you. Dating? You are into the idea of love over love itself! Do your best not to say ‘I Love You’ till you are both comfortable.

Single: That tub of ice cream might be your only company tonight!


Committed: It’s time for some intimacy to revive your romance, lock lips, stare into each others eyes, hold hands! Dating? Your confidence and cheerful attitude will make your partner happy!

Single: Leo’s are never single for long! Dress your best and find your date.


Committed: Eliminate distractions and set the mood with some soft music and a skimpy outfit. Dating? Your sixth sense will tell you if a relationship is working.

Single: Call over your friends for a wild night out!


Committed: Get ready for some fun tonight, just put a raunchy DVD or a passionate scene from a novel and enact with your partner. Dating? If you feel anytime in the night that you are being subjected to bad treatment run away.

Single: Go out and show off your flirting skills.


Committed: Celebrate tonight by getting some intimate playthings for your partner. Dating? Do something risky today like make-out in public to get that adrenaline rush.

Single: Invite your friends and hit the club and magic may happen right there.


Committed: Go extreme try some sport or go on a long drive for dinner. Dating? Grand gestures and big surprises can be great fun!

Single: You maybe feeling too claustrophobic to let anyone surround you.


Committed: Avoid pointing out the obvious and unromantic as Valentine’s requires love and passionate words. Dating? Valentines Day might be a waste of time but if you like someone, say so.

Single: You have no idea how much natural magnetic charisma you have, go out and see those heads turn.


Committed: Stop focusing on your favorite interest and make your sweetheart the center of your world. Dating? You might be ‘just friends’ but a night out together is a perfect plan.

Single: Valentine’s Day is clearly not your priority but try taking out some ‘Me’ time.


Committed: Plan the works, a candlelit dinner, a carriage ride, or anything that instils the magic of love. Dating? Open the doors to your heart and true love just might walk in.

Single: Avoid any desire to drown your sorrows.