Dating rules for single women

Single and ready to mingle
Single and ready to mingle
Single and ready to mingle
Single and ready to mingle

Love is best thing in life that’s why single woman love to mingle. But at times in urge of getting hitched women make some wrong moves. AAW suggest some rules to follow to avoid facing an unpleasant experience in love.

Maintain standards: Be picky and don’t just be with any man just because you are single and ready to mingle. Take your time and don’t keep running behind an insensitive man who doesn’t care for you or your feelings. Think and make a right decision else you would be sorry about the relationship.
Learn from your mistakes: If you have had a bad relationship in the past then try and learn something from it. Secondly you don’t just have to learn from a trouble past, listen to others and try avoiding the same problem in your relationship.

Opposite attract: Enough of dating those bad boys’ or the ‘mommy’s son’. It’s time for some change; just say yes to a man whom you would have refused. You never know as opposites attract you two may also click and make a great pair.


Enjoy being single: Don’t become obsessed with starting a relationship. Enjoy each and every moment of your single-hood as once you get into a relationship you will surely miss that phase of life.

Be positive: No matter what happens always keep a positive approach towards life. Though prince charming doesn’t exist anymore but you never know you can be the lucky one and find him.

Don’t complain: Always keep in mind that excessive complaining is not good for a relationship. If you meet a man, don’t find things to change in him rather find reasons to respect him.