WEIRD: Bihar village stops women from using mobiles

No mobiles for women
No mobiles for women

Time and again Indian women living in rural areas are given a rude shock about their gender discrimination. While some places do not allow women to wear jeans, others plan to marry them early to avoid rape. Here is the latest one: Sunderbani panchayat in Kishangarh district of Bihar has decided that women must not be allowed to use mobile phones.

The panchayat has even decided on a fine of Rs 10,000 on unmarried and Rs 2,000 on married women! The panchayat feels that mobile phones are an evil and need to be eradicated from a woman’s life! In fact they believe that mobile phones are responsible for love affairs and elopements!
The interesting fact is that 80% people live below the poverty line and the panchayat doesn’t really mind that!