10 Gross 100 layers challenge videos


People can go to any level when it comes to challenges. The 100 layers challenge( putting 100 layers of the product) which started with makeup has gone to another level and people have experimented with grossest of the things like glue, underwear etc.  We at Team AAW is totally against this challenge as its waste of time, energy and resources. Rather than wasting its better to donate it to the needy. Here are few such videos which will make you say WTF!

100 Layers of wax

100 Layers of clothespins

100 layers of candle wax on face

100 Layers of Duck Tape

100 Layers of Glue on face

100 Layers of Condom

100 Layers of Peanut Butter

100 Layers of Underwear

100 Layers of Bubblewrap

100 Layers of Toilet Paper