5 easy diet changes to lose weight

Lose weight
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Lose weight
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All of us (women) want to get rid of those last few kilos and often that is the most difficult task. Sometimes we crash diet, stay off from carbs, try starving, over-exercising but those stubborn kilos do not budge. Well here are super easy diet changes that will make you fab in a few weeks. PS. They are healthy too!

Water: Water is good for you and the same is mentioned numerous times, It is a miraculous drink as it keeps the body hydrated, healthy and also fights hunger pangs! So the next time you feel the urge to snack grab a glass of water instead. A glass of cold water before eating your meal makes you feel fuller and you will eat less.

Plate up those veggies: There is no need to follow unrealistic diets and eliminate any food group.Just make sure you make healthier eating choices, pick up a salad before picking a greasy burger. You mom must have said this endlessly that leafy green veggies are the best so opt for them.Take a bite or two of that burger but only after you have finished a bowl full of veggies!

Go meatless: We don’t mean that you have to stop eating tikkas and kebabs but once a week go without meat.In India many stay away off from meat on Tuesday while in US meatless Mondays are being promoted to make people give up on meat. Try to stay away from read meat and stick to veggies.

Cheat a bit: Yes you heard it right! Cheat your diet because the minute you start a diet and decide to give up chocolate all you want is a  chocolate! The best way is to indulge every time you lose a kilo, treat yourself to a small chocolate. Or you can fix a day like every 20 days but keep the indulgence to one small bar not a family size chocolate!

Try new food: Don’t stick to your dal, vegetable and roti diet rather try some new foods like hummus with cucumber or pita bread can be a great snacking option over the samosa. The best way is to try something new and healthy every week. Chances are you will find some new healthy favourites. Couscous, soya milk, celery sticks  are also few good options..

The best way to lose is eat healthy. Try these tips and tell us if they worked for you like they worked for us!