Modern women have weaker muscles!

Woman in the gym/ weheartit
Woman in the gym/ weheartit
Woman in the gym/ weheartit

The modern women might be at the top of multi tasking but physically she is far from perfect! If studies are to be believed modern women do not have muscle power as our mothers did. According to a report an average muscle power has been diminishing due to lack of fitness ever since 1985. The study pin points that women might be getting thinner (sigh! The size zero phenomenon) but they have no muscle strength. In fact skinny women have no muscles to support their spine and the overweight ones have no muscles underneath the fat.

Our sedentary lifestyle is the main reason for causing muscles to get wasted. Experts also say that poor muscle strength leads to osteoporosis, fractures, arthritis and back pain.

Many women who hit the gym or exercise to lose weight, muscle-building exercise are often avoided because we think weightlifting might make us bulky. But experts say contrary to popular belief women can’t bulk up because of their hormones.

So  next time you hit the gym, start some muscle building exercise or try some resistance exercise.