Pee provider: An app for your loo worries!

Pee Provider
Pee Provider
Pee Provider
Pee Provider

We all have says when we have an urge to pee and especially when travelling. Often finding a clean loo is a task. I always prefer to carry a seat sanitizer and loo roll in the car for longer journeys. If the loo is too dirty I honestly prefer to squat and pee. UTI and other infections scare me.

After a baby the need for clean loos has gotten worse, I cannot Di d child friendly loo in most of Delhi from five star hotels like Leela to most malls, a child changing station is a rarity to find. Often I use a changing mat and the back of my car becomes my changing station.

I heard about this app called Pee Provider on a mommy group and I was keen on trying the application. It is simple to understand and provides you with a lost of washrooms nearby. They also tell you about the cleanliness of the washrooms around your area.

I think this application is a must try for all. Especially water guzzling women like me who are always on the lookout for a clean loo.

Check out the site here and their android app here