Tips: How to avoid getting drunk!

Tips to not get drunk!

Here is how to avoid getting sloshed!

Tips to not get drunk!

Does a night-out usually end up with you drunk. It starts with a drink or too and before you know it you are drunk or ‘high’ as many people put it! Women tend to get drunk more quickly, as compared to men. So women must be extra cautious while guzzling alcohol.

Here are a few tips to avoid getting drunk:

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Never drink on an empty stomach: An empty stomach gauges alcohol to be the meal. The quicker absorption by your stomach leads to that woozy feeling. Always have some small munchies but it is advised to have something heavy as it decreases the absorption rate. Always go slow on the first peg because it hits the worst.

Make it last: When you sit with friend chances are, they will top up that glass of sangria before it is finished. The skill is to drink at an awfully low pace. Yes! It can get boring but its better than dancing like a clown.  Follow the 1:2 ratio for every glass of alcohol have two glasses of water. It cleanses the system of alcohol.

Glass of water
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Never mix drinks:  Mixing liqueur is a sure shot recipe for disaster. Don’t mix the drinks, even mixing brands can prove detrimental. Pick one type of cocktails and stick to them for the entire night.

French fries
French fries

Fried food decreases alcohol absorption: An oily stomach absorbs less alcohol. So the next time pick those fried nibbles and kebabs as they will never let you get dazed.

Throw up: Vomiting is a good idea if you feel sick. It takes out all the alcohol but once you vomit have some solid food and refrain from drinking again. If you cannot vomit have lots of water and try. It will help.

Following these tips might make you feel sober. Always have alcohol cautiously.