Things mothers never reveal to anyone

Mothers are same all around the world, she pours all the love on us and that too unconditionally. Moms face a sudden transformation in her life when her kids enter into the world. She make adjustments, explore new emotions and lot more. Sometimes her love is silent. Here are some of the emotions which she never shares with anyone but her:

She carried you for more than nine months

Who says that a pregnancy is just a nine months long deal? A mother carries you much longer than those nine months. She carries you around when she is cleaning, you were with her while she was preparing dinner, and she carries you at your every first step . . . Actually she carries you for life.


She is the energy

Every mom is the power house of the home. She usually passes a long time without food, without showers and without sleep because mom always put your needs before her own. She is a clock who runs on time without fail, JUST FOR YOU. She is the one who supplies energy to you despite all her hundreds of other chores. She inspired you to take part in that school competition, she is the one who stands by you every time, no matter what blunder you do daily she understands you.

That you’re a sleeping beauty

Mom gets overjoyed watching you having a peaceful nap, this is the moment which relaxes her the most and then she can also take as peaceful sleep as yours.

Sleeping beauty/freedigitalphotos
Sleeping beauty/freedigitalphotos

She takes all your irritation

At the end of the day she hears your daily stories. Actually she chose to be your best buddy forever. Might be you don’t have any idea that sometimes you sound bit irritating but she absorbs all that irritation and makes your world a better place to live without letting you feel what she did for you.

Her middle name is joy

She is the one who is like a chirping bird. Sound of home is incomplete without her, isn’t it? Everything about her gives us a chance to laugh whether her fear about your marriage, dad’s never-going-to-change habits or her mission to make everyone eat three times more than the actual diet.

She loves talking

Yes, it hurts her when you find no time for her in the hustle and bustle of your life. When you were born, she was the one to keep charge of minute activities of yours but today is the day when everything has changed. Yes, she still needs to have every small detail of yours.

She loves talking/freedigitalphotos
She loves talking/freedigitalphotos