Eating oatmeal the wrong way can make you fat

Here are the common mistakes you are making with oatmeal and how you can eat them the right way.

Oatmeal is deemed as one of the healthiest breakfast options. These are not only quick and easy to make but also goes well with fruits, nuts, seeds, and even tastes great with nut butter.  Though it is a healthy breakfast option, eating it in a wrong way and pairing it up with wrong ingredients can make you gain weight. Here are the common oatmeal mistakes you have been making and how you can fix them. 


You are eating pre-packaged oats 

While it may seem convenient, eating pre-packaged and flavored oats can add a lot of calories to your diet. Not only that, but you also add various chemicals, synthetic colors, and preservatives to your body. It is better to purchase plain oats and add ingredients of your choice instead of opting for pre-packaged ones. 

Eating plain oats isn’t actually beneficial 

Oatmeal is pretty low-calorie on its own and you may not feel full eating it plain. Add nut butter, fruit, or a source of protein to your oats to make it more satiating and nutritious. 

Adding sugar to your oatmeal isn’t the best option 

Avoid adding refined or brown sugar to your oatmeal to make sure that your breakfast isn’t carb-loaded (oatmeal itself is rich in carbohydrates). If you want to make your oatmeal sweet, try adding a few pieces of fruit. 

Avoid adding dried fruits to your oatmeal

Packaged dried fruits contain a lot of sugar and even lack fiber. Opt for fresh fruits instead to make sure you aren’t consuming hidden sugars. 

Add a protein source of your choice 

Oatmeals aren’t a great source of protein but when paired with protein-rich food, it helps you stay full for longer and also helps you met your protein requirement for the day.