Guide To Taking Care of You Mom When She Tests Positive

Here are some ways to take care of your mom while recovers from COVID-19.

The times are tough as the covid cases are rising each day so it’s our responsibility to support our loved ones in recovering at home.

Recently my mom tested positive but with the grace of God and her will power she recovered at home.  But during that phase, I realised that beyond giving her medicines checking her oxygen levels or taking care of her diet, I need to do something to lift her mood. So here are few things I did to make her feel better.

Source- Patient Power
  • Cook that one dish she always wanted you to learn

As we grow up, our mothers teach us to be independent and expect us to know how to cook at least the most basic dishes. If there is one thing that your mom has always asked you to learn, this is the best time to cheer her up by doing that. Whether it is round roti, daal, rajma or sabzi, make it for her. I made a round roti and she was super happy.

  • Get her favourite book

Just like many other working mothers, my mom never got the time to do her favourite things so now that she had time I gifted her few books as she loves reading.

  • Assure her everything is taken care of

I constantly told my mom that she doesn’t need to worry about the house as we made all arrangements and divided responsibilities amongst family members.

  • Get her painting and art supplies

Painting can be therapeutic and is a great stress buster so I got her some basic art supplies and sketchbooks to take her mind off the situation and help her recover well.

  • Give her love notes

Surprise her every day with a handwritten love note.

  • Arrange zoom calls

Arrange zoom call with her friends and other family members to cheer her up.

Lots of love and care reduces the stress and anxiety which helps a patient to recover soon.