Signs that show your partner is cheating on you:

Signs that show your partner is cheating on you:

The relationship depends on two main things: trust and loyalty. Breaking these can make you lose the love of your life. However some just have a different mindset and, for them, double dating is better than true love so they cheat on their partners but why should they suffer unnecessarily?

If you are too in a situation where your girl or guy seems disinterested towards you, then  check out these signs which show whether you are being double-dated:

  • Changing phone passwords, putting a lock on every social media app and, removing your fingerprints all of a sudden.
  • Introducing most of the people just as a friend and, giving the excuse that it does not look good let’s keep it personal.

  • Every time only one person is taking the initiative to meet, the other just makes excuses to escape from the plan.
  • Give explanations for little things, even when not asked they have all the answers ready.

  • Telling them ‘you need to talk’ could take the shit out of them as; they are always scared of being caught.
  • Do not pick up calls on time neither calls back after seeing the missed call. The phone is most of the time busy.

  • Remove the last seen of the Whatsapp and Instagram to make sure that no one can know when they are online.
  • The cuddling that used to happen would eventually turn into lust, not love.

  • Never share about their daily schedule in fear of saying something that might catch their lie.
  • Though they double date but the possessiveness grows more. Do not like you talking to other guys and, keep control over you.