This BTS and Chunari Chunari mashup is gold!

Check out the video of BTS dancing to the beats of Chunari Chunari.

Desi fans of BTS came up with a perfectly edited video of BTS practicing to a dance number and the beats of a popular 90s song from Biwi no. 1 perfectly matched with their steps. 

This video was made by Film For Fare and the music to the choreography was changed to ‘Chunari Chunari’.  Here is the video:

BTS fans in India were not only amused to see the video but were surprised to see that all the steps perfectly matched with this popular 90s song! 

The video quickly became a hit on Instagram, Twitter and desi fans also went ahead and shared the video of BTS tribe to see their reaction. Here is what people had to say about this mashup.

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