This is how unstable work life can impact mental health

Find out the relation between mental health and unstable work-life balance.

Work-life balance is important to maintain but people who find themselves in an unstable environment or don’t have a fixed source of income, find it difficult to manage not only their expenses but also their mental health.

A recent study was conducted in the Center for Research in Occupational Health has established that young people who have unstable sources of income are at high risk of developing mental health disorders in the future.

Source- DataDrivenInvestor

To support this, the example of Spain was taken as it has been one of the European countries with low employment rates. People aged between 18-28 were taken for this survey who were working as salaried employees.

The changing job market, contractual agreements, job insecurity, and many more factors play an important role in determining mental health and job insecurity is also a contributing factor.

The transition between these periods can take a toll on mental health as well.

Researchers have suggested keeping an eye on the job market. Making decisions based on scope, job requirements and demands can help in making financial decisions and approaching the market accordingly.

Taking care of mental health is important and the study has concluded that one of the contributing factors in that is job stability. There are ways to cope with the uncertainty and understanding when to seek help is necessary.