Top foods to avoid on first date

Going on a date to a fancy restaurant and confused about what to order? Here’s what you should not order as the food will surely land you in trouble. Much like Minakshee who went on a date and ordered mutton stew, “it was a specialty there and we were out for lunch, but the next thing I see is watery gravy with huge pieces come to the table. I was shocked as the gravy dripped when I ate and the mutton was difficult to eat without using my hands to tear the meat. It was quite embarrassing.” First date is really special so don’t spoil it just for your taste buds and order something which is non messy and easy to eat.

We at AAW compiled a list of food you must avoid when out for your first date:


  • Sloppy Burger Sloppy Burger Burgers can get very messy. Imagine after a few bites your lipstick will miraculously transfer all over your face. And you will have cream, mayo, sauce and melted cheese on your fingers (or face!). Plus opening a huge mouth to fit in the burger looks weird.
  • Gulab Jamun Gulab Jamun Imagine eating delicious gulab jamun that are dunked in sugar syrup. Sounds yum? But think about that sugar syrup which is prone to dropping on clothes and fingers.
  • Spaghetti Spaghetti If you are pasta lover go for penne or ravioli and avoid spagetti if you don't want your partner to listen to the constant screech of your fork against plate. Plus managing these slippery pasta on the fork is a task.
  • Mutton gravy Mutton gravy Don't forget that you are on a date and not to enjoy a feast. A messy and heavy mutton gravy with lots of bones would surely leave you in an embarassing situation. Also the thick chunky pieces are difficult to eat without getting your hands and mouth dirty!
  • Butter Chicken Butter Chicken Butter Chicken is a favourite dish of many but it’s high on cream, butter and tomato combined with those succulent chicken pieces and naan. You will soon be over stuffed. How would it feel if you burp mid-kissing?
  • Finger food Finger food On a first date you have to be on your best behaviour. Eating with hands is not considered a good manners. Plus your hand will be greasy in case he wants to hold or touch them.
  • Tandoori Chicken Tandoori Chicken Sure every non vegetarian in the world loves tandoori chicken but imagine picking a piece and tearing the chicken with your mouth. Opt for a bonesless chicken istead.
  • Rajma Rajma These fart inducing bombs can be an embarrassment for many. Avoid rajma at all costs.
  • Gol Goppe Gol Goppe They might be every Indian girls favourite but opening your mouth and stuffing a gol-gappa can never look classy ever. Period!
  • Garlic Bread Garlic Bread Nothing spells bad breath alert like garlic. Avoid garlic bread if you plan on that good night kiss.