Drinking games for your New Year’s party

2022 is about to end and everyone is busy making plans for a great New Year’s eve bash. If you are planning a house party, we bring you some exciting and easy drinking games which will add an extra fun element to your party. These simple, quick, and interesting games will make the bash memorable and people drunker!

Most Likely To: 

Most Likely To is one example of a party drinking game that is also an excellent way to discover new things about your friends.

Pass in the parcel

You must have played this game during childhood but here is a small twist. Simply make your guests sit on a round table and circulate a cushion with music. As soon as the music stops, the person with the cushion will drink a pint of beer or a vodka/tequila shot and can continue playing. The person who drinks maximum number of drinks is the winner. But do play this game for a limited time slot.

Beer time

This may sound easy but it’s not. All participants have to take a shot of beer every minute for an entire hour. You can change the timings at your convenience. Also don’t allow them to pee!

Number game

Sit in circle and  start counting one by one. The game is when someone hits one of the following numbers, they must say “buzz” instead of the number. If someone messes up, then everyone drinks!  If you want you can change the numbers too.

Any number with a seven in it (7, 17, 27 etc)

Any multiple of seven (7, 14, 21 etc)

And finally, any double-digit (11, 22, 33 etc)

Blow the cards

Place a deck of cards on the mouth of an empty bottle. Each player blows cards off the deck on the bottle in turn. The one who blows the last card off the bottle must drink one beer. Also in case all cards are not blown but the ones on the table has ace in it than too the blower will drink a beer.

Drinking games/pexel
Drinking games/pexel


It’s all about playing monopoly without cash. One thousand is equal to one sip of beer. If you owe money to another player or to the bank, you must drink. If the bank owes money to you, everyone else drinks. The person left with maximum drink wins.