Why you should switch from sodas to kombucha

Here is what you should know about Kombucha and why you should pick this over soda.

Kombucha has become a popular drink as people realised the health benefits it offers. This fizzy drink packs more beneficial ingredients than most drinks and it is also a great option for people who love their sodas.

Source- Health Magazine

There are many studies that show consuming soda has a negative effect on your heart health and can even mess with your blood sugar levels and its regular consumption is not advised. While you can opt for sugar-free sodas, Kombucha can also be a great alternative as there are many benefits to it. Here is how it differs from an average soda drink.

  • Kombucha does not have chemicals that can damage your enamel and dental health in general.
  • It is a fermented drink and improves your digestion, unlike soda.
  • It also helps in improving gut health as it is a probiotic drink.
  • Just like soda, it comes in different flavors and you will definitely have as much choice as you had with sodas.
  • Kombucha is not dehydrating in nature and even has electrolytes to help you hydrate on hot summer days.
  • It contains way less sugar as compared to regular sodas.

If you are looking for drinks with added benefits and a positive impact on your health, Kombucha is perfect. Some great Kombucha brands in India are: Toyo Kombucha, Atmosphere, Urban Platter among others.

You can also make kombucha at home by following this recipe. But remember it takes a few days to ferment: