Easy tips to set curd faster 

Check out some easy and tips to set curd faster: 

Be it winter or summer, curd enhances the taste of every Indian dish. The cool and refreshing side serving makes the meal delicious. Many people are habitual of eating curd every day.  In India, people prefer homemade curd more than store-bought ones. While setting the curd is easy in summers, it is quite difficult in winters. So here are some easy tips to set curd: 

  • Use whole milk 

If you want creamy and dense curd, then use whole fat milk in winters. 

  • Shuffle the milk 

Shuffle the cultured milk between two bowls 5-6 times. This method ensures the culture is blended well and it helps start the fermentation process instantly.

  • Use warm milk 

Whenever you want to make curd use warm milk. Lukewarm milk works wonders in summers and a little warmer milk also gives better results in winter. 

  • Keep the utensil warm 

After adding the culture, wrap your container to keep it warm.

  • Earthen pot 

If you have an earthen pot at home, use it to make the curd. The mud-based container fastens the milk fermentation process.