Probiotic yogurt can make you intelligent!

Dessert made from yoghurt
Dessert made from yogurt/weheartit

Probiotic yogurt is the best friend for your stomach’s good bacteria as they contain live culture bacteria that help keep the stomach healthy. Now scientists have revealed that the yogurt can also change your brain function!

According to researchers at University of California, Los Angeles bacteria ingested in food can affect brain function in humans.

A study of healthy women researchers found that regular consumption of probiotic curd altered brain function which means it is essential to include it in the diet. But if you are  bored of the regular dahi, raita, etc? Here’s how you can make your boring curd interesting

Smoothie style: Add fresh fruit, probiotic curd and some ice in a blender and blend it  till all the fruits are mashed.You can also try the ones like Yakult available in the market.

Dessert it: Ever had a curd based glorious dessert? Well make this super easy and good looking dessert for guests. Make a layered yogurt dessert by layering fresh fruits, jelly, chilled and sweetened probiotic yogurt with nuts and choco-chips on top. Refrigerate all ingredients separately and assemble in an opaque glass bowl just before serving.

Desi style lassi: Lassi is the best thirst quencher for Indian summers. Blend curd in a blender till smooth, add water to make it water consistency. You can add salt, rock salt and roasted cumin powder or sugar as per your choice. Serve with lots of ice.

Flavour it: If your kids doesn’t like curd, here is how you can make them consume probiotic yogurt. Add any ready made flavours  like Mapro strawberry. Add some to probiotic yogurt, mix properly and chill in freezer for an hour. It tastes like yummy frozen yogurt, only better!

Breakfast: Skip the regular old milk-cornflakes combo instead add probiotic yogurt and fresh fruits to your flakes. Alternatively, you can also try muesli as it does not get soggy quickly and tastes amazing with curd.

Do you consume probiotic yoghurt? Do send us your tasty recipes.