Tips to make your coffee healthy 

Check out some tips to make your coffee healthy: 

For some people including me, the day doesn’t start without a cup of hot coffee. It is one of the most popular beverages in the world. But unfortunately, the calories in your daily cup of coffee can quickly add up. While black coffee itself is only a handful of calories, adding milk, flavoring, and sugar can increase a coffee’s calorie count pretty quickly. So here are some tips to make your coffee healthy: 

  • Black coffee, including espresso, has less than 10 calories per 8-ounce cup. So drink black coffee. 

  • Artificial creamers are filled with ingredients and packed with sugar, so avoid adding them to your cup of coffee. 

  • As per reports adding cinnamon to your coffee can have several health benefits, it might reduce inflammation throughout the body. So add a pinch of it in your morning coffee. 
  • Instead of artificial flavors, you can add unsweetened cocoa and dark chocolate to your coffee. 
  • Swap your white coffee mug with a transparent one as studies claim coffee “tastes” less bitter in a transparent one. 

  • Drinking coffee on an empty stomach is an unhealthy habit that might lead to various health risks, so avoid this. 
  • Choose coffee beans that have lower amounts of synthetic pesticides.

  • One common mistake that we make is adding too much milk or creamer to it. So measure it before adding. 
  • Use a low-calorie sweetener, like stevia to sweeten your coffee.