Teacher’s Day: Every teacher’s dialog Then & Now 

Check out the list of every teacher’s pet dialog Then vs Now: 

We all know how school classes shifted from traditional mediums to online ones, it was a great struggle for the students as well the teachers also. But now that it’s been one and half years of online schooling, everyone is used to it. As everything has changed so is the dialog of our teachers. So here are is the list of dialogs that every teacher says then vs now: 

  • Then: Stop talking in the class
    Now: Mute yourself. 
  • Then: Can you see the blackboard? 

  • Now: Can you see my screen? 
  • Then: Get out of the Class
  • Now: Leave the call right now 

  • Then: Do not hide behind the desk
    Now: Do not turn off your camera
  • Then: I want to see your parents tomorrow, bring them to school 
  • Now: You call your parents right now on the call. 

  • Then: Guys I want you to be disciplined as Principal sir is on the round 
  • Now: Guys, Please be disciplined over the class as Principal sir might also join.