10 beauty benefits of cucumber

Cucumber is good for skin/freedigitalphotos
Cucumber is good for skin/freedigitalphotos

Cucumber is probably the most eaten salad in India. However not many women know the skin beneficial qualities of this fortified food. Cucumber is easily available in your fridge, so here are some skin beautifying properties you must try.

We at AAW list our tried and tested amazing beauty benefits of cucumber, read on to know more:

No more dark circles: Cucumber fades nagging dark circles around the eyes, just rub cucumber slices on your dark circles, and wash with cool water after 10 minutes. The dark circles will start reducing with continuous use.

Revitalise skin: Grate a cucumber and squeeze to extract juice. Store this juice in a small bowl in the fridge. When it chills dab cucumber juice on your skin with some cotton. It takes about 15 minutes for cucumber juice to seep into the skin, wash with cool water. And notice your skin will look fresher, brighter and with long term use whiter too!

Cure sunburn: Cucumber cools and is effective on sun burnt skin. Cooling and soothing properties of cucumber help cure sunburn quickly.

Reduce puffy eyes: Treat puffy eyes with cucumber by placing cucumber under your eyes to reduce the water retention (which is the main culprit for puffiness) Cucumber has ascorbic acid that eliminates puffiness instantly.

Excellent toner: Juice of cucumber is one of the best toners. Blend it with lemon juice (for lightening skin), egg white (tightening) , aloe vera (pimples) , or honey (for softening). Apply this mix and keep for ten minutes wash off to reveal better ski,

Face mask for natural glow:  Deseed a cucumber (leftover from dinner is also fine); blend it with 4-5 leaves of mint and egg white. Apply on your face and wash with cool water after 15 minutes. This face mask is great for softening skin, decreasing fine lines and getting that perfect glow.

Cure pimples and acne marks: Mix cucumber juice and lemon juice in equal amounts and apply this mix on your acne and acne marks daily. This home remedy might take a month but all your acne and ugly scars will be gone!

Reduce oily skin:   Mix cucumber juice and curd in equal amounts and apply this mix on your face for 5-10 minutes. This face toner subsides that oily look from oily skin and is decreases facial marks too.

Drink juice to reduce puffiness:  Feeling bloated or had too many cocktails last night? Have a glass full of cucumber juice (add some honey for taste) in the morning. The high water content makes cucumbers a diuretic and it also cleanses within the body by removing old waste and toxins.

Eat cucumbers for long term skin benefits: Applying cucumber can help superficial problems decrease but a serving of this Vitamin C loaded veggie has long term beauty benefits as it has boosts the manufacture of collagen in your body which will never let you age! PS Collagen is the substance that makes your skin elastic.