Most common excuses for skipping school

We all enjoy skipping school or college but the toughest part is giving a valid excuse the next morning.Here are the lamest justifications that students are found giving the next day at class. It has nothing to do with real life and all is just reel but the emotions with what they are portrayed are seriously real. This is the power of student’s mind! Have a look at the commonly used excuses which exists from ages.

Ma’am, I had stomach pain so I went to the doctor

Bunked school and went to watch a movie and the next day came with the justification saying, “Ma’am I had severe stomach pain, I couldn’t even get up from the bed”! This is one such excuse that every student must have given and every teacher must have listened in their lifetime.

I went to a marriage party

Party time at Club
Party time at Club

Marriage party becomes a daily affair and when nothing seems to be working and all the other excuses are over. So, somebody’s virtual marriage is done and showed that we were tired at the last night’s marriage party so was absent the next day. Who knows the truth, well actually it was the club that was enjoyed yesterday. Epic!

I met with an accident

With a puppy face before the teacher, this is an excuse that nobody can help at. The accident happened just at the time I was about to come in the college, so I went home. So sincere! This is an epic excuse that students use which gives them off and even sympathy from their teachers. So the excuse is loved by all.

Ma’am, I had fever

This is the Ultimate one! Even parents write this one in their wards leave application even though the whole family must have gone on vacations! A true LOL… We used this as our pet excuse that would be given twice in three weeks for sure. Fever has to come anyhow, as there is no such excuse that can be made instantly and it works as it does not give anybody a chance to scold.

My grandparents were coming

Grandparents, relatives, and cousins are one such people who mostly come unexpectedly. They are used as weapons to deal with bunking issues. They work as saviors when asked, “Why were you absent yesterday”, and here you say, “Ma’am my grandparents were coming after one year, so I went to receive them”. Nobody would ask you anything further.

I wanted to study at home for exams

Have nothing to do with exams and have to study just 1 hour before papers, but still, it has to be the excuse for bunking. This is the excuse that makes heads up (even though it is all crap) that yes, we were at home and studied and even satisfies the teacher that the student was studying. Excuse accepted!