Consume Moringa leaves for healthy skin

Checkout the amazing benefits of having moringa leaves:

Moringa is said to be a “miracle tree” and also called as a “mother’s best friend”. Its leaves is a very good natural medicine and has several benefits too both for skin and health. They are rich carrier of Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin E.

Drumsticks are cooked and eaten in many ways and are good for the skin too if its powder is applied regularly. Here we have the benefits you might not know about Moringa or drumsticks.

Moringa leaves


Moringa oil and its leaf powder are used to prevent wrinkles. It helps the skin to resist damage. It is important to prevent ageing and this powder when applied on skin regularly reduces wrinkles and blemishes making the skin retain its glow.

Fights acne

Applying morniga oil regularly is said to be beneficial for the skin as it prevents acne. Its anti-bacterial properties help fight acne. Consuming helps purify blood too.

Moisturizes lips

Its oil is used as a lip balm that heals cracked lips and moisturizes sensitive skin. In fact it is a common ingredient in many lip balms you may have bought.

Reduces pores

Moringa tightens the skins and reduces large opened pores in skin. It also contains skin boosting collagen protein that reduces pores.


Antioxidants play an important role is maintaining healthy cells in the body. Its anti-oxidant content promotes healthy skin and stimulates metabolism aiding weight loss too!

Improves skin tone

It also helps in improving complexion. Moringa reduces blemishes when applied regularly. Make a paste of its leaves and apply on the dark spots on skin and it is sure to reduce the spots. It further provides an even tone.

Have you ever tried incorporating moringa in your skincare routine?