Everything to know about Gua Sha facial stones

Why Gua Sha facial stones are a must-buy

The world of beauty is evolving and many experts have now come to accept the benefits of traditional beauty regimes that have existed for centuries. Like homemade scrubs and face packs that have now been commercialized, Gua Sha facial is another up and coming trend that is set to take over the world of beauty and cosmetics.
Here is everything to know about it.

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What is Gua Sha facial stone?

This stone is a half-moon shaped tool that is used to massage your face by scrapping it gently. Originated in China, this technique is based on the concept that balances the flow of energy through our bodies. This technique also improves the circulation and lymphatic flow in your face.

Benefits of Gua Sha facial

There are many visible benefits of Gua Sha facial which include:
-Reduced inflammation
-Reduced puffiness
-Visibly bright skin
-Helps reduce migraine headaches
-Relieves neck pain
-Improves blood circulation
-Helps with breast engorgement
-Releases tension from the muscles
-Reduces jaw pain
-Reduces headache in some people

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Which Gua Sha stone should you pick?

There are many Gua Sha stones available on the internet and so it is easy for you to get confused. The technique is more important than the type of stone you pick. Incorrect technique can result in bruising so make sure you pick the one which rests comfortably in your hand. Gua Sha stones are more effective than rollers and show an almost instant effect when done right.

Another important thing to know is that people with sensitive skin or any skin condition should consult before trying out Gua Sha facial. Always prefer getting it done from an expert to avoid unnecessary bruising and side effects of improper technique