Want a flawless look? Do these before applying makeup

Elevate your makeup look by following these simple tips.

There is so much more to makeup than just the application of products. Preparing the skin can bring out the best and this is not a one-day process. Taking care of your skin can make a visible difference and works in the long run.

Source- Stonegirl

Want to know how to achieve that flawless look? Here is the step that will help.

  • Always cleanse your skin before applying makeup. If you are not applying makeup in the morning right after washing your face, make sure to include this as your first step. This will help get rid of all the dirt that could potentially clog your pores.
  • Make sure to exfoliate your skin the day before. It will remove all the dead cells and give you a subtle glow.
  • Prime your skin before applying makeup. This will make your pores look smoother and your makeup stays put for a long time.
  • Use toner before starting off with your makeup, this step comes before applying primer.
  • Use an eye cream to nourish your under eyes. This will make your eyes look fresh.
  • Never forget to moisturise your skin before applying makeup. It will keep your makeup from looking cakey and even prevent your skin from drying.
  • Always apply sunscreen underneath your makeup.

These tips will instantly elevate your makeup look. Try them out and let us know how it worked out for you!