Always online? tips to take care of your mental health

Take a look at these tips for your mental health if you spend time online.

Social media has become a permanent part of our lives and no matter how hard we try to resist, its accessibility makes it the easiest source of information and entertainment. 

Many of us are guilty of being always on our phones, scrolling through Instagram or checking snaps of our friends. Since it has now become almost a reflex, every time we pick our phone up, there are certainly long-lasting effects of it that we should pay attention to. 

Source- Reachout Schools

Keeping a check on others, following trends and even scrolling through multiple pictures makes us go through different emotions and can even affect our mental health. Here are some useful tips for people who spend time online and how they can take care of themselves. 

  • Don’t fall into the rabbit hole of comparison. It is very natural to compare our lives with others but more often than not, we don’t know the whole story.
  • Be kind to others while interacting online. If you engage actively, try to keep interactions positive and if someone is not responding right away, don’t take it personally. 
  • Keep your privacy settings in check. Don’t be accessible to everyone and share your pictures and updates with people you know. 
  • No matter how well-liked a celebrity or an influencer is if their content evokes negative emotions in you, it is best to unfollow and remove it. 
  • Take some time off online platforms. Make sure you stay in touch with reality and for that, spend time with friends and avoid using the phone consciously. 

Take help of these tips to keep your mental health in check. Which tips have helped you out in the past?