Modi government body shames Indian women

No non-vegetarian food and beer for sanskaari women:

The picture released

The government and its regressive views on Indian women have often shocked the nation. However, body shaming and telling women to eat vegetarian food is a new low. The poster released by National Health Commission has two women photos and the curvy one eats apparently eggs, meat, junk food, and beer. The healthy, read perfect-figured, woman eats her veggies and fruits instead!

Now, who says a shape can decide our inner health. Or the government has a right to decide what we Indian women should eat?

PS also when did eggs, meat become unhealthy? We believe it’s about this current government moral policing on our health too. This has clearly not gone down well with Indian women as this is outrageous and gimmick. Ps while we are all for eating fresh and local produce, we love our beer too!  Damn you sanskaars!