Sunny Leone opens up about being bullied as a child

Actress Sunny Leone talks about being bullied in school and how did she face it.

Sunny Leone, aka Karenjit Kaur Vohra, has made her way into the industry and became one of the favorite actresses in Bollywood, soon after her debut. People not only admire her for her acting skills but also how she handles herself in front of people.

The actress opened up about her childhood experiences and shared how she was bullied for being white as an Indian kid. She also discussed how it is a circle for people, when they get bullied, they do the same to others because of what they went through.


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The Ragini MMS 2 actress talked about breaking the circle and suggested taking a stand for people themselves. She also encouraged people to take help from other friends around them as bullies are often coward and may stop when confronted.

Sunny Leone is married to Daniel Webber and has three beautiful children. She also shared how they juggled her personal and professional life and how the pandemic has brought them closer as a family.