Surat trader prints US Army personnel on saree, trolled

A Surat trader got trolled on twitter for printing image of US personnel on saree:

Return of IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthman has caused immense political fervor in the citizens. Everyone, starting from the politicians to traders, has jumped at the opportunity to join the bandwagon.

Recently a saree trader from Surat decided to join this fervor and launched a capsule collection of saree, praising the army. The saree caught attention on the internet as it had printed images of US army instead of India.

Yes, you read it right. The trader launched more than one variant of the sarees with images of armed personnel of the US army.

As soon as a Twitter user shared the image on the social media platform everyone started talking about it, making it go viral. Most of the reactions were hilarious.

Check out the responses below:


The trader claims that these were made within 3-4 hours of the attacks, to convey their outrage to the masses.