Taimur’s gym membership gets trolled!

Tweeples find it hard to digest Taimur’s gym enrollment

Taimur is one of the first star kids who has gained tremendous popularity. Along with his family, he is also the media favourite! This little cutie has a huge fan following. But it seems like mommy Kareena doesn’t want him to look cute anymore. Recently, she has got a gym enrollment for one-year-old Tamiur.

Taimur’s lifestyle is full of stardom and he is getting everything no kid has received! Remember the gifts he got on his first birthday? A forest from mommy and a Jeep from dad Saif Ali Khan. The kid is again back in the news because his mommy has enrolled him in a gym! Yes, Taimur has got a gym membership and everyone is losing their heads over this news.

The news has gone viral and people cannot deal with this fact. From making fun to calling it a publicity stunt, tweeple are expressing their opinions. Check them out:


Except for these tweets, some people feel that media is giving too much importance to this star kid:

What are your opinions about this?