Twitter goes crazy over Zara’s 5000 INR lungi!

Twitterati mocked ZARA’s new skirt

We all love Zara, after all it is the to-go brand for all women! The popular fashion retailer brand caters customers with their trendy clothes and accessories. But, twitter people cannot handle the fact that Zara is selling a skirt which looks like the popular ‘Indian Lungi’ and costs a bomb $89.9 (Approx 5000 INR).  On its website Zara described the mink colored skirt as “Flowing skirt with draped detail in the front”, it has a front slit at the hem and zip hidden in the back along with seam.

Twitterati pounced on the Spanish fashion brand. Their point is that the brand is charging many thousand rupees for a lungi lookalike. An online retailer is also offering the same lungi for INR 357 which is a cheaper version of Zara’s skirt.

Twitter users did not spare the brand for their poor research on the popular “Lungi”, here is how they reacted:

We wonder was the designer watching a South Indian movie while making this skirt?