This Aunty enrages us with her cheap ‘rape’ comments

Woman allegedly tell girls that ‘they deserve to get raped’:

In our society everyone has a different mindset, thought it’s not wrong in having a personal perception but holding an insane mentality is intolerable. Recently a woman in Gurgaon was spotted saying something that has stunned everyone and created a storm on the internet.

While shopping at a store an elder woman allegedly went to some girls and tells them that they deserve to get raped. Not only this, but she also asked a group of men sitting there to go and rape women like them. She did this because of the short dress those girls were wearing. A random lady also stepped in and defended the girls by telling the crazy woman that she has no right to tell them what to wear.

Check out the video here:

This entire incidence was immediately uploaded on social media and went viral. Almost everyone showed their anger by putting up comments for the insane lady. Many people called her disgusting while some also wrote that she does not deserve to be a mother, daughter and a sister to anyone.