Tips for working women to stay fit

Check out some tips for working women to stay fit:

Working women barely have time to keep her body in shape. They are so stuck between family, kids, and work that they hardly have time left for themselves. It is not necessary to do heavy workout or training, you can lose weight by following some simple steps as well. Other than the workout, you need to concentrate on your diet as well. So, here we are with few tips for busy women who have no time for fitness but at the same time, they have to stay fit as well. Check out the tips below:

  • Healthy breakfast

To stay energized throughout the day you need to eat healthy breakfast. The first meal of your day should be light, healthy and full of nutrition. You can eat poha, oats, smoothies, sandwiches and there are more healthy options available as well.

  • Pack smart

Due to the shortage of time, many of us forget to pack snacks for the day. This can lead to junk eating, so pack smart and keep 2-3 healthy snacks with you before leaving for work. You can pack diet namkeen, biscuits, fruits, dry fruits, diet chips, etc.

  • Take stairs

Ditch the elevator and use stairs whenever you go to your office, whether you are arriving to work, going for lunch or going back. Taking the stairs will surely burn few calories.

  • Exercise at your seat

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Stretching will be very beneficial for you, instead of sitting all day you can do some exercise as well.  Stretch your legs at least 4-5 times in a day. We should avoid too much sitting and try to stand for at least five minutes every hour.

  • Stay hydrated

Aim to drink 3-4 liters of water daily it gives body energy throughout the day.

  • Go for a walk

Make a routine to go for a walk after lunch. Consider taking a walk around the office, or even around your building complex, this will burn some calories.