This Tik Tok couple’s moves makes everyone go crazy

This couple’s romance will surely make you go lolz:

Within a short span of time the Chinese app Tik Tok has become one of the most popular medium to showcase the talent. From dance, makeup, cooking, acting to singing people are going mad about this and some are so obsessed that they are crossing the heights of craziness. The recent example of this is, a desi couple who has gone viral because of their hilarious romantic videos on Bollywood numbers. People are stunned to see their tik tok, they are like celebrities with millions of followers.

One of their video which gained a lot of popularity is on the song from the move Baazigar. The couple can be seen dancing on the title track of the film trying to imitate Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol.

Check out their video here:

Along with this the duo frequently make such hilarious videos and the funniest part is that the lady do not move much, but her husband do not give a chance to anyone to notice that. Check out their other videos below: